New families and Kindergarten Welcome Dinner 2016

Thank you to the 88 families who joined us for the welcome dinner on September 20 at Adrianne and Bruce Wonnacott’s beautiful home. You are joining a great community of parents and we hope everyone enjoyed a lovely evening getting to know other parents and the leadership team of the Las Lomitas School District.


For some families, this is their child’s first school experience and others are not new to school, but they are new to school in California – or even the country! We had great speakers to help give these parents the lay of the land. Alain Camou, Las Lomitas Principal and Lisa Cesario, Superintendent, explained a bit about our district and how we focus on teaching the whole child. Alain commented, “At Las Lomitas, we believe in educating the whole child. Our art, music, physical education, technology, and social emotional learning programs round out a rigorous developmentally appropriate academic program that sets our students up for success.”

And for those families new to school or to school in California, Carrie Littlefield, President of the Las Lomitas Education Foundation, provided some context for the amazing education our kids are experiencing. “The small class sizes led by exceptional teachers, enhanced programs like music, art, PE, computers, counseling, support services, electives…these should be expected of great schools, right? Well, the shocking fact is that public funding for schools in California is not sufficient to provide these things that make our District so special. It takes donations from parents to bridge the $2,000 per student funding gap we have.”

Jay Crim, parent of a Kindergartener and second grader, added to that point. “I was skeptical of public schools in California having grown up in Los Angeles in an area where the schools were not great. When we bought our house here we kept hearing from realtors and friends about ‘the amazing Las Lomitas District’ so we gave it a try. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing experience my children are having. Knowing that this kind of experience doesn’t just happen, my wife and I were inspired to donate to the Foundation from day one.”

We were lucky to also have Annabelle M., an eighth grader at La Entrada, shared her experience at our schools. “I have thrived on the quality and diversity of teaching styles of all my teachers and I know I am prepared for high school and beyond.”

And finally, Carrie announced that several wonderful outgoing eighth grade families are so grateful for their children’s experience here they would like to contribute $100 to the Foundation for each new family that donates to the Annual Giving Campaign. This “Pass the Torch” grant is their way of saying thank you and welcoming new families. We hope you will take advantage of this grant by helping us get to 100% participation from new families in our fundraising efforts. Donate today!

Feel free to reach out to anyone at the Foundation if you have more questions. We look forward to seeing you at more events throughout the year! Welcome to Las Lomitas and La Entrada!