Educational Excellence Spotlight: Writing

LLESD teachers have a passion for reading and writing! Recent trainings, professional development opportunities and local support provided by experts fuel this passion and provide for continuity and consistency between and among the grades.  Students are coming to LE well prepared to be challenged and inspired and are ready to improve and increase skills and strategies in reading and writing. Teachers are able to provide individual support and enrichment to students because they hone in on needs evidenced by assessments and the relationships they develop with each and every student.



Image credit:clipartpanda

Teachers use the Workshop Model, based on the expertise developed at Columbia University Teachers’ College.  Many LL and LE teachers have attended Teachers’ College professional development events.  Our teachers have also benefited from Teachers’ College experts coming to us who model and demonstrate with our very own students.

Reading and writing are the gateway to all other types of learning. LLESD teachers have been inspired by the Workshop Model to prepare our students for success through the grades and to be highly competitive in high school and beyond.  The level of thinking exhibited by our students is not only impressive but astounding!  Our students are learning to think and communicate in ways that will serve them well far beyond the formal educational setting; a skill that will serve them very well in life!

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