Giving Week is here!

giving-week-3To kick off Giving Week your children created heartfelt banners about what they love about their schools and their sentiments remind us why we, as parents, need to continue to support our truly special schools.  While the overwhelming majority focused on the amazing connection with teachers (no surprise there given our small class sizes and exceptional teachers!), here are just a few other sentiments:

I love Las Lomitas because…

  • I love math, spelling computer lab and learning.
  • The early birds, late birds and the teachers always find a fun way for us to learn and them to teach.
  • All of the teachers are so nice.
  • I love Las Lomitas because of all the kind students. I have learned a lot from kindergarten to 3rd grade.
  • I love the library.
  • I love school because it is so fun. 


I love La Entrada because…

  • The staff is kind and caring. They want us to succeed.
  • I love the computer lab and we have 3-D animation.
  • We care about our classmates.
  • We are awesome at being ourselves.
  • The school is special to me because it is really fun and it helps me learn.
  • I love how the school has so much spirit!
  • I love how the whole school is so encouraging.
  • We use kind words.

It’s time to show our commitment to our amazing schools! Donate by November 11th and your gift will count towards the Giving-By-Grade Contest.  The grade with the highest participation receives $200 per classroom for the teachers to spend on enrichment materials immediately. Any classrooms that reach 100% will also get $100!  3rd grade won last year…who will it be this year? 

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